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Gyossait: Plot Explanation (Spoilers)

2011-11-04 06:34:26 by Amon26

Ive had quite a few requests to explain what's going on in Gyossait. Normally I like to keep things formless and up to speculation, but I also know closure and understanding is important. So I took some time and put together the synopsis of what this whole crazy thing means, at least to me. (Look the fuck out, Spoilers)

Eons before the game takes place, a god named Oyeatia, the creator of man, and a goddess of earth named Gyossait clashed. Oyeatia made man as a gift to her, but she saw their neglect of her planet as an insult and killed millions in a cataclysm. Enraged, Oyeatia dashed her apart across her own planet, burying her essence into the core as a prison no god could ever reach. As time passes, his regret and loneliness overwhelms him. The only way to find her again is to die as a god, forsake his creation, and seek her out as a mortal.

The game starts with Oyeatia, beheading himself over the earth. From his head comes a small red sphere or womb that erupts into his mortal form. it bursts upon impact with the planet and he is forever stripped of all his godlike power.

The humans live in small tribes hiding from the cruelty of a progressively hostile earth. Remaining fragments of Gyossait's goddess form litter the planet's surface and have either been trapped as arrogant totems to human greatness, or their power harnessed by individuals to transform themselves into a false gods (I.E: Uzaza, with gyossait's heart) Uzaza himself is a misguided beast. Accepts only the strongest humans into his protection, he grows plants from iron and the blood of those too weak to serve, the flowers that bloom are essentially living guns.

Aside from the mysterious one-eyed dog, none of the mortals know who you are. They only know their earth is ending as Gyossait's delirious voice grows stronger, wrecking their minds. She even grows the trees that allow for Oyeatia's rebirth either as endless revenge for his betrayal, or out of hopes he can finally set her free.


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2011-11-04 22:13:10

Lemme be the first to say in here, fantastic game. I'm a huge fan of games like these, and this was a work of art.


2011-11-05 00:57:13

I really enjoyed this game! I hope to see more from you.


2011-11-05 07:15:22

I really love this game. I really think, and this is my opinion, this game should have been rated better and voted a little better. The art is beautiful and terrifying at the same time, the gameplay is moderately fun, and I like the pixel idea like as if I'm playing my atari in a much better version. I'd like to see more of games like this or different but better too. (:


2011-11-05 10:18:41

Dude... you have to write a book. I will buy it with pleasure. =)


2011-11-05 14:29:35

i loved this game, i hope to see more content from you in the future


2011-11-05 22:02:49

This is one of the most awesome games on Newgrounds, because not only does it involves a great game mechanics, art, etc, but it also is a really well thought-out game, not like the other regular things we see out here (not that they are not good, they simply don't have that extra thing this game propose). I also really like the fact you added some depth to it with this bit of lore for us to enjoy, thank you for that. And also thank you for making this game! It rocks!


2011-11-06 11:44:24

The game is amazing. Really freaked me out at spots, but it's awesome.

Can I ask what the point of the one-eyed dog is, though? I don't understand its purpose.


2011-11-06 12:15:37

Is it just me or you've really turned down the power of glyphs over the text? Plaing Gyossait for the second time made me realize that it's much easier to read. Still, you should tell the players that this synopsis exists here, or else they won't even look for it. ;)


2011-11-07 17:24:37



2011-11-08 00:43:57

I really like the back story for this game!~ (Though, I liked the game regardless!) :o You really should make more! (Also! Thanks for the explanation!)


2011-11-08 00:58:16

Tbh, I didn't really understand what was going on too well until I read this. Now it all makes sense. Nice story, nice atmosphere.


2011-11-10 15:42:19

It was a fantastic game, Amon.
Don't let anybody tell you differently.


2011-11-10 19:27:37

See, I'm proud to say that I understood/inferred all of this from both of my playthroughs in the game. The only part I didn't get was Uzaza using her heart to become a demigod, but it makes sense now. I still have no idea what the fuck the one eyed dog was about though.

When I got the "good" ending on my second playthrough, a thought occurred to me. Two people, a man and a woman. The last survivors of the human race (I assume their mortal forms are human). They stand before eachother as lovers, while the sun rises and the Earth is renewed.
To me, this just screams Adam and Eve. I'm no bible nut (Atheist, actually), but the connection just seems a little too strong to be coincidental. I hope that's what you were going for there, because that would be one hell of a plot twist, in fact, it would make the game feel perfect.

Overall, an amazing game. Jump mechanic felt a little fucked, but that just added to the difficulty. Look forward to your next game.

Oh, and you might wanna give a little hint as to how to get the second ending. because a lot of the complaints I've read are people who couldn't find it.

But as I've said, still a great game. Definitely the best plot I've ever seen set to a platformer.



2011-11-10 23:58:48

very interesting premise, glad you gave the explanation, but could go without it too, like you said, was more mysterious and up to the player to create a story based on what was played, but still glad you did cause yours is way better than the stories I came up with in my head as I traversed, but I still have the one eyed dog, for a sec I thought it was a take on Dante's Inferno (the book)


2011-11-11 07:09:23

I loved your game and I wouldn't have figured out the whole plot on my own without this.. so.. thanks for sharing!


2011-11-11 14:54:45

I didn't need the plot explained to me, after I finished the game I put the pieces together. It would have been a little easier if I knew who/what was talking at the time. I could tell a lot of the time, like the girl who wanted to grow flowers, and the dog, but other times (especially where you find the heart) I had no idea what was going on. I had some idea of what was happening though. This explanation really clears things up for me. Thank you.


2011-11-11 15:02:57

Also, what the hell is up with the dog? Why is the earth like the Gates of Aesgaard? This does clear some things up but some things you see in game need to be explained as well.

Why is the earth like one big Silent Hill? Was the fight between the gods really that bad? What is up with the dog? What is up with the ghost children? Why did I have to kill the girl who wanted to grow flowers? Why did I go into a fit of rage? Near the end when you first see the giant upside down black triangle if you jump off the ledge you fall for a really long time. When you hit the water you die but there are giant humanoid shadow figures in the water. What is up with that? Where are all the dead body piles coming from? Who killed them all? Those are just a few questions that I'm sure many people are asking.


2011-11-11 15:04:21

And why do I go into a fit of tears for no apparent reason except for the first time. (Where you kill the girl who wanted to grow flowers.)


2011-11-12 01:24:12

What a beautiful and saddening story...

One question for me remains though... the music. Who made it?
I really admire the music, and would love to listen to it without having to play.


2011-11-13 11:06:11

I found this game to be simply amazing. I really like the attention to detail throughout. The gylphs on the walls depicting the battle between Oyeatia and Gyossait and her fall. I also like the use of the theban alphabet in the title and throughout the game (the only question I have is what is the text in the room after you awaken Gyossait, as there is no translation and 8-bit theban is surprisingly hard to read).

I liked the take on brutality and self defense. The toll being murderous takes on Oyeatia and the planet during the bad ending really makes you think, and though others may dislike that Oyeatia's weapon is a machine gun, I don't think that they get that he manifested in a post-apocalyptic future world where the earth is dying. The progression from his spear he used as a god to the machine gun he takes up as a mortal is an interesting look technological progress, and yet the method is still brutality.

The choice between being brutal or peaceful (as much as you can be, I suppose) being the difference between saving the world and it dying was also very cool.

I like how Oyeatia had to atone for his children (facing Uzaza) and their crimes against Gyossait. (and I take it that the voice speaking when you find the heart is Uzaza's dying words, as he realizes who Oyetia is and why he's come)

It was sad that the dog died (well, everything died, I guess, when Gyossait woke up), but the good ending was phenomenal! Two gods reborn as mortals to live and die as lovers on a renewed earth is not unlike Adam and Eve in Genesis, but with redemption and renewal instead of a fall.

All in all a beautiful story. If this were to have been released on the NES back in the 80's (albeit with a few more levels, perhaps), it likely would have sold millions. It reminds me most of the Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma games in terms of plot depth. Simply amazing.


2011-11-13 15:50:33

One of the best platformers I've every played! I'm seriously in love with you now!
In the end, I raged at the game (I really couldn't get down the key settings and the fact that you can't save) So I had to look up the end on youtube instead of doing it myself :l
Either way, it was beautiful and downright fantastic.
Keep up the good work! <3


2011-11-17 00:29:21

who's the one-eyed dog?


2011-11-19 19:19:05

You rly have to write a book about this... Its so interesting! keep inspiranting dude, you have a lot of brilliant ideas :D


2011-11-21 14:50:11

One of the best games I've ever played, also the best flash game.


2011-11-21 23:20:21

An amazing game well done.


2011-12-10 23:25:30

A simply delightful story. So interesting. I wouldn't be surprised if this story inspires other people.


2011-12-19 06:04:47

It's a REALLY cool game, I'll write a review for it very soon. Can't wait to see what awesomely stylistic submissions you'll come up with next :D


2011-12-20 19:22:22

I forgot to add to my review: I think Oyeatia's walk cycle is just a little bit goofy, how he seems to kick forward into a goose-step.

Great game! Make more!


2011-12-21 21:24:47

... Lost love (the song track played at the end) was simply too much for me to handle with what was being said before the credits... (for both the forgiveness, and spiteful ending versions) It was simply just way too god damn much... beautiful.


2012-02-01 00:51:41

This game was GREAT. I loved the art, the tone, the story. if it was a little longer and indepth, would be the only way to improve it.


2012-08-20 05:22:26

not to sound disrespectful or anything, like, this is great, but would you explain the other two games you made as well? (Au sable, all of our friends are dead)