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Posted by Amon26 - November 4th, 2011

Ive had quite a few requests to explain what's going on in Gyossait. Normally I like to keep things formless and up to speculation, but I also know closure and understanding is important. So I took some time and put together the synopsis of what this whole crazy thing means, at least to me. (Look the fuck out, Spoilers)

Eons before the game takes place, a god named Oyeatia, the creator of man, and a goddess of earth named Gyossait clashed. Oyeatia made man as a gift to her, but she saw their neglect of her planet as an insult and killed millions in a cataclysm. Enraged, Oyeatia dashed her apart across her own planet, burying her essence into the core as a prison no god could ever reach. As time passes, his regret and loneliness overwhelms him. The only way to find her again is to die as a god, forsake his creation, and seek her out as a mortal.

The game starts with Oyeatia, beheading himself over the earth. From his head comes a small red sphere or womb that erupts into his mortal form. it bursts upon impact with the planet and he is forever stripped of all his godlike power.

The humans live in small tribes hiding from the cruelty of a progressively hostile earth. Remaining fragments of Gyossait's goddess form litter the planet's surface and have either been trapped as arrogant totems to human greatness, or their power harnessed by individuals to transform themselves into a false gods (I.E: Uzaza, with gyossait's heart) Uzaza himself is a misguided beast. Accepts only the strongest humans into his protection, he grows plants from iron and the blood of those too weak to serve, the flowers that bloom are essentially living guns.

Aside from the mysterious one-eyed dog, none of the mortals know who you are. They only know their earth is ending as Gyossait's delirious voice grows stronger, wrecking their minds. She even grows the trees that allow for Oyeatia's rebirth either as endless revenge for his betrayal, or out of hopes he can finally set her free.


Posted by Amon26 - November 4th, 2011

Hey everyone. Thanks for the wowing response to Gyossait! I'm aware, however, that people are running into bugs. Never claimed I was a good coder, just a stubborn one. I'm going back through and fixing up as many as I can and will have a patched version up soon.

Till then, thanks again for all your support.